Our Approach

nürture magazine was created for the fashionable and uncompromising breastfeeding moms and non-breastfeeding moms. We search everywhere for inspiration with a keen acuity for where the future of public breastfeeding is going. Our goal is to bring you the forward thinking and most up-to-date trends and concepts in fashion, style, beauty, health & food, travel, distractions, and topics about all things related to the nursing mom. We also aspire to create a positive impact in the lives of mothers in this world by celebrating creativity, balance, humor, and connectedness.

Our Story

I am a mom of two little girls who was concerned with my physical presentation and quite frankly, had let go of my fashion sense while having two babies and breastfeeding both of them. After having my first daughter, keeping up seemed doable though challenging. By the time the second came around, my image, hence confidence was seriously out the door. Pre-maternity clothes and accessories no longer fit or worked. I barely had time to figure out where to source the appropriate wear for this stage. There was so much more “stuff” to figure out while being a mom of such young ones. I mean, I knew that I was NOT going to compromise breastfeeding my daughters for looking good. And I sure the heck didn’t want to look sloppy either.

nürture magazine isn’t all about the superficial exterior. We strive to give you a conscious balance of all things mom-with-baby; food, travel, distractions, mental and physical health, and things they never told you about-taboo talk, baby clothes and accessories, and just all things baby… Dare to nurture.

So here I am…pouring my heart, soul, experience and my artsy spirit into this magazine with the hopes of reaching your inner psyche and inspire you while being in one of the most beautiful stages of your life. I hope you will be motivated to be bold to do what makes you feel like the queen of your castle and to carve the narrative to your own story. After all, it’s a very short life. All the more reason to go after what sets your soul on fire… Dare to be nurtured.

I would like to thank you for being part of our journey and for choosing nürture magazine as part of yours. Our models are true moms in their authentic essence, telling their stories; raw and real!


Neta Bodrug

Founder & Writer

Neta is a proud mother of two breastfeeding babies. She has recognized the challenge to find fashionable clothing that is also functional for nursing anywhere. This has inspired her to craft a magazine that brings all things breastfeeding and fashion together in one place. She brings her previous experience of fashion school and industry together, and puts a spin on quirky yet uncompromising high fashion.

Irina Ruseva


Irina grew up in Bulgaria and from a very young age, she fell in love with capturing everything on film. Her dad collected professional photography gear and very often Irina would secretly “borrow” it to learn how to take the perfect picture. She knew that the camera has the incredible power to freeze time and make images last forever. With this, however, came the great responsibility of not only snapping the picture but also making this picture look unique. In order to turn her work into art, Irina was determined to study every tool that could be of help. She`s constantly experimenting with new techniques. She mastered Photoshop and now she helps other Photographers across the world with editing and crafting their pictures.

Next Steps

We dare to inspire moms both visually and intellectually, to believe in themselves and feel beautiful while going through this journey of raising babies and beyond. If you would like to contribute to nürture magazine by writing, modelling or advertising, please contact us today.